Ellie Arnould-Tomb's Projects

Ellie Arnould-Tomb's Projects

Ellie Arnould-Tomb has sent a few pictures of her projects which contain some of our books.

1. Lake Cabin Kitchen - the cookbook is Harvest Recipes (1929).

2. Watermelon Playroom - The Gingerbread Boy is on the table and Cinderella in sitting on the shelf. The dolls are by Bonnie Justice.

3. 1934 Lake Cabin Porch - the doll is holding an older addition of Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland is sitting on the rocking chair. That doll is also by Bonnie Justice and the tea set is by IGMA artisan Jean Tag.

4. A Little Girl's Treasures - a copy of WaterBabies in on the bed and Mother Goose Tales (from 1929) is on the rug. The doll is one of Beryl Nightingale's.

5. Tea Time - The Isle of Mann photo book is on the rug and the scrapbook of English photos is on the couch. That doll is by Cindy Cook

You can hover over the book images in the pictures above and click the product link to see details for the books. Harvest Recipes Alice In Wonderland Cinderella Gingerbread Boy, 1932 Cinderella, Sam'l Gabriel Photos of England, Victorian Album Isle of Man, Watercolours by Quinton Water-Babies, 1915 Mother Goose Tales

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