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Tiny Room Box

Print  two copies, the dimensions will be approximately 1" x 3". Glue the wall papered  image to mat board,  score and fold the mat so the room has three walls. Glue  the fireplace and cabinet onto two pieces of mat glued together and cut them out ,cut out the inside of the fireplace too. Glue this fireplace onto the fireplace image in your room.  Add a narrow piece of card stock for a mantel, color first with felt pens or paint.  Cut a very thin  strip of card stock  to frame the  painting and glue for trim around the door and window.  Glue your extra cabinet to mat and cut out the top section and the bottom section and glue onto your other cabinet.  Cut a very narrow strip of card stock and place over the drawer and down either side of the bottom covering the cabriol section.  Use two tiny gold beads for the bottom of the cabinet and four no hole gold beads for the cabinet door pulls. Use a tiny bead for the door handle too. Glue the cabinet onto your  empty wall. Add a carpet and any other furniture to the room. Mat board scraps are usually available at any framing shop. Card stock can also be used in place of mat but more layers will have to be glued together.

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