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Printable Brick House Instructions

This house is a copy of a small vintage cardboard one from
my collection. I changed it so that it would be opened in the
back to decorate. I thought it would make a nice house for a
dollhouse or a micro  house. It can be finished with as much 
detail as you choose. You can buy wonderful micro metal pieces 
and wooden furniture kits from dealers in micro on my links page. 
There are some carpet  printables that you could use on the floors
on my site and use tiny wall paper or paint your own designs
for the interior walls.

Print the printable brick house page on card stock. Cut out the house
and roof and extra brick piece and glue to another piece of card stock.
Use the template to cut out two floors of crescent board or similar 
thicker board. Score along the lines of the chimney and corners of the
house and the corners of the roof. Fold along the score lines. Glue the 
extra chimney piece to the inside of the chimney. You can print another
page to make a brick chimney for inside the house if you like. Now
would be a good time to figure out where you would want the 
floors and measure the interior walls to be able to add interior walls of 
card stock covered with wallpaper or paint. Glue the floor to the bottom of 
the house around the outside edge of your crescent board, finish your extra 
interior walls and glue them in place. Now glue the second floor to the top 
of your interior walls of the first  floor. Now work on the interior walls of 
the second floor. Glue the roof in place on top of the walls.
I hope you enjoy this project.
© Jean Day Miniatures 2001