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 Men's Dresser Set Project

Men's Dresser Set

Tools and Supplies

Ceramic tile 
Pasta Machine or rolling pin
Needle tools, hat pin or toothpicks
Xacto knife and sharp blades
Gray, black, white and brown fimo or other polymer clay
Fine metal spring or fine screw as shown below.
Silver paint  or silver ink pen
Brown acrylic paint to antique the bristles
Sewing thread and fabric for texture for the black bag
Glue, tacky.
Gloss or clear nail polish


Getting Started

Work with very clean hands. I like to use hand wipes, they are also very good for cleaning your tools or you can use baby oil. Mix gray and brown fimo with just a touch of black, don't mix it to much as you want it to have a marbleized look, sort of like ebony. Roll your marbleized fimo through the pasta machine or with a roller by hand. Roll it thicker in the pasta machine and gradually  thinner. Work with a rolled out piece that is approximately 1/16" thick on a tile or other suitable working surface. 

Draw a comb and various brush styles on paper.
With your printed 'cut out pattern' on top of your fimo draw around your design. Lift off the pattern and cut around the edges of the shapes with an Xacto knife.

The Comb
Press the screw or spring into the comb to make a tooth design.

Hair Brushes
Cut  oval shapes of white fimo to be the bristles for the brushes. With a pin put brush hair marks around the outside edges of the brushes. These will be glued on the brushes later.

Tooth Brush and Tool Kit
Roll out a piece of the marbleized fimo even thinner than you used for the brushes. Cut out a very thin piece for the toothbrush. Attach a tiny piece of white for the bristles. Press a pin design in to create the bristles. Cut a rectangular piece for the tool kit. Cut a narrow piece that will be used for the holder part. Now cut out small pieces similar to the designs shown above for the scissors and nail files. After you have cut each of them out attach them to the fimo rectangular piece. Take the thin piece of fimo and press over top as if it is holding each of the tools in place. Let the thin piece overlap on either end. You will paint the tools silver after they are baked.

Razor, Shaving Brush and Pipe 
Roll out a piece of white fimo with a touch of brown to get an ivory colour. Cut the bottom of a razor and the top and put them together. For the shaving brush, shape a knob of brown fimo and put a piece of white on top, press bristle designs into it. To make a pipe roll a thin roll of black fimo larger at one end and shape both ends to look like the photo.

Black bag
Soften a piece of black fimo and shape into a circle. I pressed it into a piece of fabric to get a leather looking texture. Take two pieces of sewing thread and press in a zipper design.
Press a single thread on either side of the bag to look like a seam.
Press it flat on the bottom.

Bake all of the pieces at 265 degrees for 15 min.

You can now glue the bristles onto the brushes. I took a brush and gave the bristles a light wash of brown acrylic paint to accentuate the bristles and antique them a bit.

Using a silver paint or pen, colour the scissors and nail files and the razor.

Gloss the mirror and brushes and the top of the pipe.

Arrange all of your men's dresser pieces on a dresser or a piece of ribbon that can be places on a dresser. 

I hope you enjoy this project and will let me know how it turns out. I would love to post any photos of your projects or ideas of how you used these projects.


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