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Benny, Gus & Sweet William

Benny, Gus & Sweet William are made with cernit
and other polymer clays. They range in height from
1" to 1/4" in height.

Each of these angels used the same basic pattern as Delphine with some variations.

Benny the bunny angel is made using the same pattern as Delphine with a bunny head. After it was baked I antiqued it with a dark brown oil paint and wiped it off. I did a number of lady angels with various coloured outfits and the antiquing gave an interesting effect. 

Gus, the mouse, is my favorite angel, after I added the body to the top of the metal tip I rolled out a couple of legs and attached them so that they would show underneath. I used edging scissors for the gown and sleeves after the cernit was put between two layers of wax paper. I added gold powder with a brush for detail before it was baked.

Sweet William, the bear angel, has gold powder accents and a teddy head and arms.
A bit of blush was added to his cheeks before baking to give a more angelic appearance.


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