Jean Day Miniatures
Chocolaterie Shop
After going to the movie Chocolat I was totally inspired to try making a
micro, 1/144 scale Chocolaterie style shop. Micro scale is 12' to the inch.
 It has been one of my favorite projects.
  There was a wonderful Chocolat site for the movie set of the shop and for inspiration.
For more atmosphere, I bought the sound track for the movie which was great to play while I was working on it.
The candy jars were turned on my lathe out of plastic and I used jewelry findings
for many of the accessory items, mostly old watch parts.
I  purchased the bucket
on the sink, otherwise everything else was made or found. Brown sand was used
for the chocolates and the exterior  was made using paperclay. Silk ribbon was draped around the windows and display. I used frosted
plastic in some areas to let the light in the stairwell and on top of the kitchen window.
The penny should give you a better idea of the size.