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Dolls House and Miniature Scene. July 2007
This Kit Review appeared in Dolls House World, February 2007

The article "All in a Day's work", By Viola Williams, was published in The Doll's House Magazine - UK. January 2004

The article "Jean Day Makes Her Mark In History" was printed in Dollhouse Miniatures magazine, by Laura Morris, Sept 2004

Included in the issue was the printable kit shown on the left.

The printable kit was also featured on the cover shown above.

I would like to thank Viola Williams for her generosity in giving me permission to put this on my web site.
This article was published in Dolls in Miniature the Magazine, Spring 1995.
If you are interested in purchasing other back issues of DIM magazines they are available through Viola.
Violas Dolls
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