Doll Gallery

These photos show some dolls I did for shows. I also did a lot of individual ladies, men and special orders. Many of these can be seen in the Doll Gallery Page.
Tea pots
These are some of my porcelain teapots and dolls that I made for the Vancouver Miniature Show in 1995 . Some of the dolls were reproduction and some were from my own molds or sculpted. All of the teapots are my own design.

The above three photos are some of the porcelain dolls and figurines I made for the Vancouver Miniature Show in 1994 and 1990. Most were from reproduction molds and some I sculpted. The figurines were from my own molds

The two photos above are porcelain dolls I made for the Vancouver Miniature Show in 1996. They are made from commercial and reproduction molds. The cats I scultped of fimo

Dolls from a Miniature Show in 1990. Some of the babies are posed and then joined with slip before they are fired. The girl in the chair is actually attached to the doll that she is holding in her arms at the greenware stage. The baby in the crib in pink was one of my own molds.

Above and below are Dolls orderd for a Minature Shop in San Diego in 1988

Dolls from the early 1980's, I made these by painting and dressing over small plastic dolls. The cabbage patch dolls I make the heads of fimo.

These are the first dolls I made. Some are repainted and dressed plastic dolls. The young girl and cabbage patch dolls I sculpted out of fimo. Neither dolls had much of a chin but I realized I loved making dolls.

Miniatures at Christmas Time